Jill Mattocks

A global internationally known speaker and respected voice throughout the body of Christ. Trusted prophetic voice and pioneer determined to make a difference in the world.
Jill to date has founded several ministries and leaders undoubtedly she will continue expanding frontliners in the marketplace and kingdom.
Jill is a published author with volumes of material awating to be birthed in this new decade. She served on several boards while brainstorming strategic moves which retains her revelancy.
Jill the intercessor, passionate teacher, uncommon demonstrator in supernatural giftings, unprecendented revelatory preaching abilities now embarks on new teasures of testimonies.
Bold, talented, sensitive, innovative, fearless, trustworthy, comical,intellgient and practical is the character of Jill Mattocks.

Stay linked and watch the unfolding destiny fulfllment of every prophetic promise manifest.

Reset My Life

JRMLwas birthed 2019 assisting individuals realign their dreams, relationships, careers, business ideas, psychological adjustment, emotional empowerment and so much more. For those who used their last measure of hope- we are here to restore, replenish and revive. Its our honor to reverse the impossible then create new personal systematic patterns that bring positive outcomes and inner fulfillment.
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A4AA Empowerment Ministries
A place for those who are unfiltered, rejected, misplaced in normalcy, unusual creative abilities, different methods, unlearned in religious patterns and uncomfortable with scripted messages.
A4AA was birthed 2017 in a without walls environment. Our scope is centered around passion, patience, peace, perfection, perseverance, possibilities power, persistence, preparation, pressure , prosperity, punctuality and prophecy! We believe the uncommon/unorthodox are prime candidates for success. Becoming overachievers in every domain of life at the same time is the challenge and focus.
The core goal of accomplishments isnt limited to :
Youth Empowerment
Young Adult empowerment
D.O.P.E. (Prayer Trainings)
Employment Career training
Investment Strategies
Development of Resources
Seniors Not to Late
Prophetic Excellence Please

We will thrive through connectivity’s of blending the multiple giftings, teachings and passions intertwined TOGETHER!

Stay linked for upcoming seminars, conferences, symposiums, tradeshows and travel excursions.


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